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We at Springhead Funeral Services in Halifax provide funeral services with care and compassion. Our staff are experienced and will strive to give you a dignified and understanding funeral service. We can guarantee you a personalised service of the highest order. We understand that costs can be high and can work with you according to your budget. Call 01422 415473 to ensure that you get a the most respectful funeral service for your loved one.

A Summary of Funeral Directors in Halifax

Funeral directors can help you arrange and manage the logistics of a funeral for a close friend or a family member. Though rituals vary from one country to another, there are procedures that remain constant. Funeral directors are either trained in or knowledgeable of embalming. Undertakers can also help arrange a host of services, like bringing in the coffin or urn, arranging flowers and hiring transport. Funeral directors can plan out a service to ensure that you and your family are not paying too much money.

Funeral Directors and their Responsibilities in Halifax

The funeral director needs to initially talk with you in order to understand you and your family's wishes regarding the funeral. The funeral director must keep all the details in mind, such as the location, final disposition ceremony, date, memorial service, burial and/or cremation. The funeral arrangements also include arranging pallbearers and clergy. Funeral directors take care of other obligations, like handling legal paperwork and procedures on behalf of the deceased. Funeral Directors also take care of preparing the viewing rooms and chapel for family and guests.

How are Funeral Directors Trained And Licensed in Halifax?

The American Board of Funeral Service Education has accredited 50 programs over two to four years in mortuary science for funeral directors. The subjects of funeral directors includes anatomy, physiology, pathology, embalming, restorative art, social sciences, psychology, grief counselling, oral and written communication, funeral service law, business law and ethics. Since funeral homes usually run through private enterprise, it is advisable to also take courses on business management, accounting, payroll and tax management, staffing and human resource management. In the US, funeral directors need to be licensed by the state they operate in. The candidates must also pass a National Board Examination, a state board examination, and have at least one year of apprenticeship. In the UK many funeral directors belong to one of four professional organizations, the National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD), the British Institute of Funeral Directors (BIFD), the Society of Allied Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF) or National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA).

Selecting A Respected Funeral Director In Halifax

Make sure that your funeral director is experienced, qualified and holds the right degrees. Make your family's wishes regarding the funeral to the funeral director, making sure he understands them and provides an assurance that he will meet them. Do your research to select the funeral director you want and also insist on the break down of all cost involved. Make sure that the funeral director will be flexible so you do not have to accept ready made packages only. Check whether the funeral director empathises with you and offers you sensitivity and compassion in your time of grief.

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